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The Family Hearing Center in Lawrenceville, New Jersey is exceptional. My experience with healthcare includes two broken legs, skin cancer, a prostatectomy, several heart conditions, and finally, a heart transplant eight years ago. I know exceptional professional care when I receive it, or do not. At Family Hearing Center, the audiologist, Joanne, is all about diagnosing your hearing level correctly, showing you your options for improvement, and sticking with you until you are hearing as you should be. All hearing treatments require adjustments and Joanne has been there day after day to help me make those adjustments for the past two years. She even called an associate in Las Vegas to help me on vacation when my hearing aid needed attention there, and he saw me that day as a courtesy. I refer all my friends with hearing concerns to Joanne because she knows her field, cares deeply about helping her clients hear well, and she goes the extra mile on availability in a world where good service is too often just a rumor of what used to be. Going to Family Hearing Center reminds me of my visits to my country doctor, Dr. Cough, sixty years ago in rural New Hampshire. I feel cared for.

Arthur (Tommy) Thomas

I have a complex hearing situation to resolve and no one in ten years, four states and two pair of hearing aids has come close to giving me what I need until now.

I am a singer and songwriter who lost the ability to hear voices and instruments in the mid and high frequency range clearly. Women's voices had no consonants, guitar strings had no ring, and a variety of orchestral instruments began to disappear when they hit certain pitches. Joanne made a very wise choice of ReSound hearings aids for me and tuned each program for a different setting in which I needed assistance. Now, I hear my wife's voice, guitar strings, the church choir in a variety of rooms and configurations, computer speakers playing back my orchestral arrangements, and Broadway shows. In addition, the connection of my hearing aids through Bluetooth to the TV and the iPhone for listening to shows, music and audio books makes every kind of voice come through clearly.

I heartily recommend Joanne Rosenberg as an audiologist. She is the best by far in my book!

Ken Morrison

Joanne Rosenberg enabled me to join the social world again. A lifetime of professional diving had rendered me half deaf and incapable of enjoying normal conversation. Three tries with audiologists and different hearing aids failed to solve the problem of securely mounting one of the two devices in my right ear. The unusual shape of the ear canal was the problem. Ms. Rosenberg would not give up.

With infinite patience and careful study of the problem, she created a second mould for the ear. She returned the modified unit back to the manufacturer three times. After long distance discussion with the technicians about the problem, it was finally solved. The bill for the many hours of her work on the problem was so modest that I could hardly believe it. Even though the hearing aids had not been originally sold to me by her, she took responsibility for the integrity of the company that guaranteed their device.

Joanne Rosenberg is an audiologist who takes pride in her profession and annually attends the major conferences to stay abreast of the high-tech world of human hearing. She has my gratitude, respect and total committed endorsement. My endorsement for Joanne Rosenberg's dedication to the care of her patients is enthusiastic, and 100% integrity and generous personal care are hard to come by these days.

Stan Waterman
International Scuba Divers Hall of Fame
Trustee for Women Divers Hall of Fame
Cousteau Diver Of the Year Award
Pioneer Diver Of the Year Award

I had been seeing an audiologist that I had a good relationship with for years. My former audiologist recently sold his practice to Joanne Rosenberg. I have to admit that I was somewhat apprehensive about starting over with someone new. My first appointment with Joanne put all of my fears to rest. She took a thorough history and performed a complete audiological examination and based on my specific needs and hearing requirements made recommendations that would work for my needs and lifestyle. I chose the Resound Alera. Within a week of placing my order, I had my new hearing aids. Even though I've been wearing hearing aids for years, my hearing dramatically improved with my new aids. Joanne Rosenberg was very informative and patient while helping me to adjust the aids to my specific hearing needs and comfort levels. I can now follow conversations in restaurants, hear the dialog in movie theatres and on television programs. Telephone conversations are now a breeze. Joanne Rosenberg is very friendly and knowledgeable. She made the whole experience so easy and comfortable. Thank you Joanne!

Ilene Dettmer